Sunday, November 13, 2011

Welcome to the new Citizen Architect Blog!

Note that the Civic Architect Blog will no longer be updated with new content. New posts will be made to the Citizen Architect Blog.

The Civic Architect Blog was always really about Citizen-Architecture. From discussions of affordable housing and Houston’s ugly land-use battles; to a talk about bicycles, the Civic Architect Blog sought to bridge the gap between developers and citizens. The goal was to try to explain to average citizens, why urbanists do what they do.

Citizen-Architecture is as old as the United States. Thomas Jefferson was at once a statesman, and an architect. He drafted the Declaration of Independence, and he designed numerous buildings. Of course one would be remiss if they did not mention that Thomas Jefferson was also an unrepentant slave owner. But he was truly the first Citizen Architect in our Country.

Samuel Mockbee re-envisioned Citizen-Architecture with the Rural Studio. He said, “Architects are by nature and pursuit, leaders and teachers.” The new Citizen Architect Blog, like its predecessor, seeks to educate average Houstonians on urbanism and government. Mockbee brought great architecture to the impoverished residents of rural west Alabama. The Citizen Architect Blog seeks to break architects and urbanists of their habit of concentrating on Houston’s Inner Loop; and bring great design to the whole city.

I hope you enjoy the new Citizen Architect blog. And as always, architects, citizens, and others should feel free to comment!

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