Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good News! The "$50,000 Club" Doesn't Exist in Houston.

The Boston Globe ran a piece about New England Colleges that are in “the $50,000 club”. If you want to study at these schools, and you pay full-fare – it will total over $50,000 a year. Schools include Harvard (of course), Boston University, Boston College, and Wellesley among others.

So, how did Houston’s universities do? I did some research and found out:

Rice University: $44,841

University of Saint Thomas: $42,530

Texas Southern University: $32,068 (non-residents)

Houston Baptist University: $27,400

The University of Houston: $21,994 (non-residents)

Of course few people pay full-fare to go to college. For most, the price tag is greatly reduced by financial aid packages.

Still, Houston should be very proud of these numbers. Our best universities are, on the whole, less expensive than Boston’s. I’ll bet you’d find similar savings if you compared us to New York or Los Angeles. This means a lot for our economy and our future.

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